Tuition for Summer Workshops 2021

This year most workshops are two weeks in length, and two are one week long. Two-week workshops cost $1700.00. and the one-week programs are $800.00. All workshops include camping at no extra charge.

Because of the variety of programs, materials and fuel charges will be specific to each class so that they reflect actual costs, not some generalized estimate. Fuel charges for blacksmithing classes average five dollars a day, but because the price of propane can be unpredictable, the actual charge will be calculated at the time of the class to reflect the actual cost for the school.

Materials costs also vary depending on the class and the amount used by each student. The object is to provide materials at a reasonable cost that reflects actual use.

  • The smelting class will not have a materials fee, but fuel costs will include fuel for travel.
  • The sculpture class with Haley Woodward will not have a materials fee.
  • The other classes will include a charge of $2.00 per pound for materials actually used based on the weight of finished objects.
  • There will be a modest fee for abrasives for classes that include considerable use of belt grinders.

The object in assessing materials fees this way is to present a real world example of what fuel, iron, steel, and abrasives actually cost and encourage thoughtful use of materials.

Tuition is paid in full at the time of registration.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If a student must cancel their commitment to take a class prior to the six week cutoff date, full tuition will be refunded minus a $100.00 cancellation fee. Should a cancellation be sought less than six weeks prior to the scheduled class, the school will not be obligated to refund the tuition. The only exceptions will be in the event another student on the waiting list can fill the class on short notice, or that an illness or death in the family of the registrant is the cause of the cancellation. In these cases, the $100.00 cancellation fee will still apply.

The School aims for six students in each workshop. Should the class not fill to that capacity, the School may, at its discretion, choose to cancel the class. Any decisions for cancellation will be made six weeks prior to the scheduled class, and of course would result in a full refund. Every effort will be made to run every class, however an enrollment of fewer than four students is not viable.


What to do if you want to take a class at the New Agrarian School


1. Choose the course in which you are interested.

2. Apply for admission with the simple online form, which includes a request for reserving a shared room accommodation. Students will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

3. The school will contact you to let you know whether there was space in the class and you are accepted within one week.

4. Complete the online Registration Form, which includes the the waiver and release form, and make payment online.

5. You will be informed when the School has received the completed Registration Form and payment, and receive more information on the class, as well as be informed as to whether there was a room available if you requested one. In 2021 there may not be rooms available for all students, however camping spaces will definitely be available.

6. If the class you request is full at the time of application, we’ll let you know immediately (if it was not already posted on the website) and put you on a waiting list if you are interested.

7. If you are applying within four weeks of the start of a scheduled class that is not full, and live within a 200 mile radius of the school, you may qualify for a reduced tuition. Contact the School directly for this consideration.