New Agrarian School
Work-Study Scholarships for 2022

Here at the New Agrarian School we endeavor to make our workshops available to anyone who wishes to participate. Because the school is still in its first years and does not enjoy the kind of support available to well-established schools operating as non-profits, we are simply unable to offer regular financial scholarships. However, there is plenty of work to do here to keep the school running and growing. For a few motivated students with experience in blacksmithing and/or construction, we are offering the opportunity to work in exchange for attendance in some of the workshops.

The Work-Study program aims to provide more flexibility for both the school and participants than the Intern program from previous years. Basically, participants are required to work for one and one-half hours for the school for each hour of attendance during regular classes (which are forty hours per week). Work-Study scholars will be able to accumulate their hours before or after the regular school season, as well as during classes taught by guest instructors and on Saturdays during classes they are attending. A participant may choose to do work-study to attend one or several classes. Materials and fuel charges will be waived for the classes attended.

Work at the school will primarily involve building construction, maintenance, gardening, and other work on the school property. Depending on need, it may also include forge work, however that work would be outside of the regular workshop season. Work-study students will have access to the blacksmith shop outside of regular class sessions. However, noisy activities in the studio are restricted to the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, six days a week. Sundays are quiet days here at the school. Work-Study scholars will also be provided simple housing during both their work commitment and class time, either in the school’s classic 1975 Airstream trailer, or our nicely outfitted tipi, along with access to the shared outdoor kitchen and the shared bathing facilities.

Folks interested in participating in the Work-Study program are encouraged to send a letter of interest. Please include a couple of references, a description of qualifications, and what classes you are interested in attending. Acceptance decisions will be made on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified applicants.