Making Axes

Making Axes with Jeffrey Funk

Session 7: August 24 through August 28

This class will focus on the making of woodcutting axes: Forging, heat treating, and the carving and fitting of handles. We will forge one-piece single bitted axes (with polls), one-piece double bitted axes, as well as folded and welded polled single bit axes. The starting point of design will be from classic American axe forms, with students free to design and forge patterns of their own.

Prior forging experience is required to succeed in this class. Basic heat treating and grinding will be covered, and students will have the opportunity to make handles for and test out their axes during the class. We’ll use both hand and power hammers for the work, and include several different types of steel. Each student will also make at least one eye drift both for use in the class and further axe making work along with any other special tools needed for specific axe patterns.

Skill level: intermediate to advanced